A 7-Step Beginner’s Guide for Those Striving to Become DJs

You can get closer to becoming a real beginner DJ if you follow a 7-step guide which involves the understanding of the occupation, learning new things about it, and practicing. Trust us on this. I, and several other Black Prophet writers, are DJs in our spare time, as mentioned on our about page.

The path of a wannabe DJ has to include the following steps:

    1. Understanding the DJs work.
      Anyone who plays pre-recorded music at any event is a DJ, officially. If you want to become a pro, you need to choose the sphere you will work at: club DJ, guest DJ, wedding DJ, radio DJ, etc.
    2. Thinking why you want to start.
      Do you want to become famous? Or you just have a passion for music and want to share? The second case is better, as fame comes only to those who love what they do.
    3. Testing some software.
      There are many free programs that can help you try your beginner DJ skills and practice them. Download some free demo versions of programs and try to play with the music you have.
    4. Learning basics.
      You need to know more on the basic skills you will need, including phrasing, prep, beatmatching, mixing, etc. All of them have their own difficulties, so learn and practice as much as possible.
    5. Getting some hardware.
      After you become familiar with the software, it’s time to get some beginner DJ equipment. Start with a keyboard or go farther and buy an all-in-one control route or a CDJ.

  1. Making the first record.
    After you learn something and practice a bit, try to record your first mix and analyze it. You may find your favorite software and hardware by then, and don’t be afraid to use them at your best.
  2. Advertising yourself.
    After you are satisfied with the recordings you make, create a tiny advertisement campaign. Create an account in an SNS, ask your friends to share the news, make yourself popular.
  3. Bonus step.
    I decided to add an additional bonus step, because this is something that helped me a lot. And that is to get yourself a high quality espresso machine. Coffee fuels my business. Without coffee, I would not be able to do 20% of the work I do daily. But it took a really good espresso machine to actually get me to enjoy coffee. And it is the enjoyment, the little breaks I get throughout the day to have my espresso and simply take a time out from all the stress, that really makes the difference. Of course, the caffeine helps too.

After that, you will get your first gig offers, then you will be able to hire an agent, and maybe even become famous. Don’t forget to practice and learn new things, like maybe singing, even if you are cool enough to have your own gigs. This is the most important thing if you want to be a high-quality DJ.

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