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Welcome to Black Prophet – a music blog you were looking for if you searched for high-quality content. You may be a fan of a particular band or just a music lover with passion to learning new things. You may also be a person who decided to find something new to be interested in and make it your hobby. Or did you just wander around the Web and found us somewhere?

Anyways, welcome to the blog where music becomes alive and opens its new sides. Our writers definitely have something to surprise you with, just look closely. We have articles both for beginners in the music world, as well as for its kings and queens. The blog contains only true high-quality information on different topics, artists, and genres. Whether you are a fan of death metal or classic music or rap, you will find something good to read here.

You will find artists’ stories and biographies here, articles about the creation of the most popular songs in the world, and much more. There also are some educational materials, like guides and tutorials, so if you came here to learn, you will not be disappointed.

We try to pay particular attention to black musicians, especially those working in genres and roles that don’t have many black artists in them. We also spend a lot of time on the art of DJing, since several of us are DJs in our spare time.

Our hardworking team is dedicated to work all their time. They are always searching for interesting material to write an article about. In a vast world of music, it’s difficult to search for something new and good when you have tons of styles and bands. But they do their best and succeed to provide you with the best material every week.

There are pretty many articles on the blog, so if you’re searching for something particular, you can use our Search tool. Insert a couple of keywords there and you will find all the articles the words were used in. This will help you improve your experience on our website.

If you have any questions regarding our team, things we write about, or anything else, please let us know. We offer different methods to contact us, so choose the most convenient one for you and write us. Our team will be glad to receive even a simple feedback from you, but they will also like new suggestions and questions on the articles.

Let’s learn about music together!

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