The Basics of DJ Equipment: What You Need to Start Your Activity

If you consider taking up DJing seriously, you have to know about the basic DJ equipment you will need to get started. Firstly, decide what kind of decks you will work with: CD or vinyl ones. There’s no good or bad option, there’s what is more comfortable for you, so it would be great to try both.

You can rent CD and vinyl decks to try your skills on both types and decide which is the best for you. Then consider buying your own deck and all supportive equipment of the brand that is currently considered of the best quality. Here in the article there will be no brands mentioned, as the article may serve beginners years later, and the brands come and go.

What DJ Equipment is Needed to Have a Good Start

If you have chosen CD DJing, you will need:

  • 2 CD-players.
  • 1 mixer.
  • 1 pair of headphones.

In case your choice is a good old vinyl, you will need a bit more:

  • 2 turntables.
  • 2 slipmats.
  • 2 cartridges and needles.
  • 1 mixer.
  • 1 pair of headphones.
  • 1 microphone, if you plan to do any singing

The most frequently asked question within beginners is why they need two players or turntables. You need them to work more comfortably and professionally, as when you have two decks, the transition between the songs will be smooth. This is called mixing and you do it with the help of the pitch control. Modern professional CD players usually have features like instant start and others, but you still need two decks.

The second question is whether you really need slipmats for vinyl decks – yes, you do. These are soft plates that are placed between the record and the turntable to avoid excess rubbing and damaging. Moreover, this helps you handle the record to achieve the best DJing you are able to achieve.

For the vinyl, you will also need cartridges and needles which will make the record sound good. There are turntables that come in combination with the slipmats, cartridges, and needles, but it’s not always a set, so you need to clarify it when buying. Some people think it’s too much for a beginner’s DJ equipment, but very often people work for a long time with their first hardware.

The Importance of Mixer and Headphones

The mixer is the main instrument of any DJ that transforms the track and allows you to prepare the next song. You can work on one turntable to deliver the sound to the dancefloor, and use another one to listen to the next track and work on it. You also can use both turntables at once if you have everything ready.

Headphones are also highly important as they allow you to listen to the track you’re preparing. Remember that you need to choose special DJ headphones that differ from regular ones, as they sound better and are more ergonomic. They help you isolate sound, which is very important when you are working at a club.


These are the most important things for you as for a DJ, not including the amplifies and speakers that you can get anytime. Many DJs have all their practice done only with the headphones, so you can get the speakers right before your first gig. Many venues provide DJs with their speakers, so you may even work without your own. Make sure you choose high-quality hardware, as the sound you deliver highly depends on the DJ equipment you use.

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