Best Way To Improve Your Singing Voice

a rapper singing

The majority of our audience is comprised of DJs and rappers, with a few instrumentalists thrown in, most notably trumpeters and guitarists. Among the rappers, a lot of them ask us questions about how they can improve their singing voice. A few of the DJs also ask about this and, of course, some guitarists. The trumpeters don’t. I hope it is obvious to you why they don’t.

Usually our advice is simple: get yourself a vocal coach. That is the best way to learn to sing, but it also costs a lot of money and for people who just want to improve their voice a bit, so that they can add some singing hooks to their music, it doesn’t always make sense to spend a lot of money. So we decided to add this post to our site to give some advice on how to learn to sing.

a rapper singing

Getting an actual singing instructor is still the best and the fastest way to improve your voice. It doesn’t even have to be a real live instructor, it can be someone far away who teaches using Skype or some other online video chat service. The advantage here is that you can hire a well-known instructor, even if you live far away. Many people live in small towns and really have no other option.

You might think these online instructors might be a bit cheaper than a local one, but usually they aren’t. So you’re definitely not saving much money here. It’s more about having access to a much larger pool of instructors.

If you want to go completely free, there are a ton of videos on YouTube and a ton of articles online that teach you how to sing. The problem with this is that most of these articles and videos are not very good. You have to sift through all the bad ones to find the ones that are good.

Moreover, they are just individual articles and videos. They are not part of a comprehensive course. This means that you need to come up with your own schedule for when to learn what and for which things you need to practice daily. Personally, I feel this is too much work and it usually ends up demotivating the person and they end up giving up and never becoming a better singer.

Much better than this is buying an online course. This is different than an instructor. You still get an instructor and usually a famous one, but they don’t actually teach you live. Instead, they’ve recorded hours and hours of video or audio lessons. You follow along, completing the lessons in order.

Any good course will also include practice exercises that you do every day. This way you have a detailed schedule to follow. All you have to do is not fall behind and do all the exercises as presented. This will not make you sound like Mariah Carey, but it will get you sounding a lot better. The improvement in your voice after going through one of these courses, especially if you start out as a complete beginner, is pretty large. That is why we always recommend an online course like this for complete beginners. If you are not a beginner and you actually want to sound really professional, then we are back to hiring your own teacher.

So there you have it. Those are basically your main options. You can get online courses that generally cost a few hundred dollars, although most of them are often on sale for under a hundred. You can also get completely free courses, but the amount of time it takes to find the good ones and to come up with the useful schedule is daunting. And to me, it is not worth it. Finally you can get an actual instructor. This is obviously the simplest and best option, but it is also the most expensive.

If you’re a rapper or a DJ who just wants to sing a chorus every now and then, this is probably more money than you need to spend. Either way, we wish you good luck and hope you manage to improve your voice and get to the level you want.

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