How A Coffee Machine Is The Key To My Music Business

Espresso machine with black portafilter

I get a lot of questions from people asking me about the secret to how I get so much done. The truth is, it’s not much of a secret. It is coffee. Specifically, it is my Ascaso dream espresso machine, which I bought several years ago. I got the version with the black portafilter, but without PID.

Espresso machine with black portafilter

Before the Ascaso, I was using an Espresso Works all-in-one machine. It was quite good, but it was nowhere near what this Ascaso can do. This new coffee machine changed my life. It turned coffee from a bitter tasting drink I had just in order to not fall asleep into something I really enjoyed.

And learning to love coffee is much as I do now is what made it possible for me to be so successful. That is because I have learned to de-stress simply by having a nice cup of espresso. It helps me relax, takes my mind off things, and at the same time gives me that boost of energy I need to get right back to work and push through whatever task I need to finish.

Taking this moment to enjoy a cup of espresso might take a short time out of my day a few times per day, but it allows me to get so much more done apart from that time. And that has been the key to my productivity.

People ask me how I can do so many things. Even just in the few articles on this website, I have talked about so many of the things I’m involved in. I have mentioned trumpet playing, I have mentioned singing, I have mentioned DJing and I have mentioned, obviously, the writing I do, both for this blog and for other publications.

A coffee machine portafilter

I can’t even remember if I have mentioned my music production, but that actually keeps me busier than anything else these days. I love producing music for myself and for other artists. I am also starting to do more promotion for some of the artists I work with and I will be taking over management for some of them as well. Finally, I am getting into cannabis cultivation. Now that marijuana is legal, I have bought a warehouse and a bunch of LED grow lights and am starting up a marijuana grow operation.

All of this takes a lot of time and it leaves me with very few hours to sleep at night. I need the caffeine boost that comes from coffee. If I didn’t enjoy coffee, as was the case before, I don’t think I would be able to get this boost. Even if I did, it wouldn’t be a pleasant moment that would allow me to unwind briefly.

And that to me is the key. It’s not just the caffeine intake, it is also taking a timeout from the stresses of the day. And that I would not be able to do unless I enjoyed coffee. And the reason I enjoy coffee is that new dream machine that I bought from Ascaso. It really and truly has changed the way I run my music business.

I don’t necessarily recommend you emulate this, unless you already drink coffee and enjoy it. If you don’t like coffee, I don’t recommend getting a more expensive espresso machine so that you end up liking it. There are healthier things you could drink to get your caffeine fix. I suggest you get started with one of those, instead of getting into coffee.

I mean, why not get your caffeine from something healthier. That is not to say that coffee is unhealthy. Coffee is actually good for us, but it is not as healthy as something like tea. And there are many different types of tea that are all healthy and all give you caffeine. You can also simply take caffeine pills.

Of course, the best thing to do would be to get enough sleep and not need caffeine at all. But who has time for that these days?

Almost everyone is too busy to get enough sleep, and someone in the music industry doing the kind of work I do will never be able to get enough sleep. Especially if you’re doing all the different things I do with the singing and the trumpeting and the DJin and the managing and the producing. It simply isn’t possible. And that is why I rely on my many daily espresso breaks.

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